Shipping charges
Carrying charge:  We only send insured packets

Destination Package Dimensions Shipping Method Cost
UK Packages til 5kg DHL/DPD 7.50 £
Packages til 10kg DHL/DPD 9.50 £
Packages til 20kg DHL/DPD 13.00 £
Packages til 31,5 kg DHL/DPD 19.00 £
Austria,  Belgium,  Germany,  Netherlands,
Luxemburg,  Denmark,  France,
Italy,  Vatican city,
Monaco,  Czech Republic,  Polands, Slovenia
Packages til 5kg DPD 14.00 £
Packages til 10kg DPD 17.00 £
Packages til 20kg DPD 25.00 £
Packages til 31,5 kg DPD 35.00 £
Packages til 0,5 kg : Thinner than 20mm Certified mail 8.00 £
Packages til 1kg : Thinner than 20mm Certified mail 12.00 £
Packages til 2kg : Thinner than 20mm Certified mail 19.00 £
Packages til 5kg Packages international 34.00 £
Packages til 10kg Packages international 37.00 £
Packages til 20kg Packages international 45.00 £
Packages til 31,5kg Packages international 55.00 £

Please ask for postage prices for other countries and islands.
A4 Labels download
Order number Description Download link
LO-0001 ES-0001, EW-0001, LH-0001, LW-0001 ,LH-VD-1-1 A4 Labels - 199,6x289,1mm
LO-0001-A ES-0001-A, EW-0001-A, LH-0001-A, LW-0001-A ,LH-VD-1-2 ,LO-SLAS-A4-0 ,LO-SAL-A4-0 A4 Labels - 210x297mm
LO-0001-B ES-0001-B, EW-0001-B, LH-0001-B, LW-0001-B ,LH-VD-1-3 A4 Labels - 180x287mm
LO-0001-C ES-0001-C, EW-0001-C, LH-0001-C, LW-0001-C ,LH-VD-1-4 A4 Labels - 200x287mm
EW1-10 A4 Labels - 200x297mm
EW1-20 A4 Labels - 210 x 297mm
LO-0002 ES-0002, EW-0002, LH-0002, LW-0002 ,LH-VD-2-1 A4 Labels - 199,6x143,5mm
LO-0002-A ES-0002-A, EW-0002-A, LH-0002-A, LW-0002-A ,LH-VD-2-2 A4 Labels - 210x148,5mm
LO-0002-B ES-0002-B, EW-0002-B, LH-0002-B, LW-0002-B ,LH-VD-2-3 rund DVD A4 Labels - 117x117mm
LO-0002-C ES-0002-C, EW-0002-C, LH-0002-C, LW-0002-C ,LH-VD-2-4 A4 Labels - 130x140mm
LO-0002-E ES-0002-E, EW-0002-E, LH-0002-E, LW-0002-E A4 Labels - 115 Ømm
LO-0002-F ES-0002-F, EW-0002-F, LH-0002-F, LW-0002-F ,LH-VD-2-6 rund DVD ,LH-VD-2-7 A4 Labels - 115x115mm
LO-0002-G ES-0002-G, EW-0002-G, LH-0002-G, LW-0002-G ,LH-VD-2-8 A4 Labels - 135x195mm
EW2-10 A4 Labels - 210 x 148.5mm
EW2-20 A4 Labels - 117 Ømm
LO-0003 ES-0003, EW-0003, LH-0003, LW-0003 ,LH-VD-3-1 A4 Labels - 199,5x96mm
LO-0003-E ES-0003-E, EW-0003-E, LH-0003-E, LW-0003-E ,LH-VD-3-6 A4 Labels - 200x90mm
LO-0003-F ES-0003-F, EW-0003-F, LH-0003-F, LW-0003-F ,LH-VD-3-7 A4 Labels - 200x80mm
LO-0003-G ES-0003-G, EW-0003-G, LH-0003-G, LW-0003-G A4 Labels - 210x99mm
LO-0003-G ES-0003-G, EW-0003-G, LH-0003-G, LW-0003-G ,LH-VD-3-8 A4 Labels - 200x99mm
LO-0003-H ES-0003-H, EW-0003-H, LH-0003-H, LW-0003-H A4 Labels - 50x150mm
LO-0004 ES-0004, EW-0004, LH-0004, LW-0004 ,LH-VD-4-1 A4 Labels - 99,1x139mm
LO-0004-A ES-0004-A, EW-0004-A, LH-0004-A, LW-0004-A ,LH-VD-4-2 A4 Labels - 105x148,5mm
LO-0004-B ES-0004-B, EW-0004-B, LH-0004-B, LW-0004-B ,LH-VD-4-3 A4 Labels - 100x144,5mm
LO-0004-C ES-0004-C, EW-0004-C, LH-0004-C, LW-0004-C ,LH-VD-4-4 oval A4 Labels - 70x135mm
LO-0004-D ES-0004-D, EW-0004-D, LH-0004-D, LW-0004-D ,LH-VD-4-5 A4 Labels - 199,5x61mm
LO-0004-E ES-0004-E, EW-0004-E, LH-0004-E, LW-0004-E ,LH-VD-4-6 A4 Labels - 99,1x120mm
LO-0004-F ES-0004-F, EW-0004-F, LH-0004-F, LW-0004-F ,LH-VD-4-7 A4 Labels - 210x74,3mm
LO-0004-G ES-0004-G, EW-0004-G, LH-0004-G, LW-0004-G ,LH-VD-4-8 A4 Labels - 90x105mm
LO-0004-H ES-0004-H, EW-0004-H, LH-0004-H, LW-0004-H ,LH-VD-4-9 A4 Labels - 90x126mm
LO-A4 ES-A4, EW-A4, LH-A4, LW-A4 ,LH-VD-1-2 ,LO-SLAS-A4-0 ,LO-SAL-A4-0 A4 Labels - 210x297mm
LO-0004-I ES-0004-I, EW-0004-I, LH-0004-I, LW-0004-I ,LH-VD-4-10 A4 Labels - 80x140mm
LO-0004-J ES-0004-J, EW-0004-J, LH-0004-J, LW-0004-J ,LH-VD-4-11 A4 Labels - 71x138mm
LO-0004-K ES-0004-K, EW-0004-K, LH-0004-K, LW-0004-K ,LH-VD-4-12 A4 Labels - 174x65mm
LO-0004-L ES-0004-L, EW-0004-L, LH-0004-L, LW-0004-L ,LH-VD-4-13 A4 Labels - 92x127mm
EW4-10 A4 Labels - 105 x 148.5mm
EW4-20 A4 Labels - 190 x 61mm
LO-0005 ES-0005, EW-0005, LH-0005, LW-0005 ,LH-VD-5-1 A4 Labels - 200x57mm
LO-0005-A ES-0005-A, EW-0005-A, LH-0005-A, LW-0005-A ,LH-VD-5-2 A4 Labels - 160x50mm
LO-0005-B ES-0005-B, EW-0005-B, LH-0005-B, LW-0005-B ,LH-VD-5-3 A4 Labels - 150x50mm
EW5-10 A4 Labels - 190 x 58mm
LO-0006 ES-0006, EW-0006, LH-0006, LW-0006 ,LH-VD-6-1 A4 Labels - 99,1x93,1mm
LO-0006-A ES-0006-A, EW-0006-A, LH-0006-A, LW-0006-A ,LH-VD-6-2 A4 Labels - 95x95mm
LO-0006-B ES-0006-B, EW-0006-B, LH-0006-B, LW-0006-B ,LH-VD-6-3 rund A4 Labels - 85 Ømm
LO-0006-C ES-0006-C, EW-0006-C, LH-0006-C, LW-0006-C ,LH-VD-6-4 A4 Labels - 105x90mm
LO-0006-D ES-0006-D, EW-0006-D, LH-0006-D, LW-0006-D ,LH-VD-6-5 A4 Labels - 60x140mm
LO-0006-E ES-0006-E, EW-0006-E, LH-0006-E, LW-0006-E ,LH-VD-6-6 A4 Labels - 105x99mm
LO-0006-F ES-0006-F, EW-0006-F, LH-0006-F, LW-0006-F ,LH-VD-6-7 A4 Labels - 70x148,5mm
LO-0006-G ES-0006-G, EW-0006-G, LH-0006-G, LW-0006-G ,LH-VD-6-8 A4 Labels - 210x49,5mm
LO-0006-H ES-0006-H, EW-0006-H, LH-0006-H, LW-0006-H ,LH-VD-6-9 A4 Labels - 60x130mm
LO-0006-U ES-0006-U, EW-0006-U, LH-0006-U, LW-0006-U ,LH-VD-6-10 A4 Labels - 85x85mm
LO-0007 ES-0007, EW-0007, LH-0007, LW-0007 ,LH-VD-7-1 A4 Labels - 199,5x38mm
EW7-10 A4 Labels - 190 x 38mm
LO-0008 ES-0008, EW-0008, LH-0008, LW-0008 ,LH-VD-8-1 A4 Labels - 99,1x67,7mm
LO-0008-A ES-0008-A, EW-0008-A, LH-0008-A, LW-0008-A ,LH-VD-8-2 Knochenform A4 Labels - 155x30mm
LO-0008-C ES-0008-C, EW-0008-C, LH-0008-C, LW-0008-C ,LH-VD-8-4 A4 Labels - 99,1x70mm
LO-0008-D ES-0008-D, EW-0008-D, LH-0008-D, LW-0008-D ,LH-VD-8-5 A4 Labels - 70x71,9mm
LO-0008-E ES-0008-E, EW-0008-E, LH-0008-E, LW-0008-E ,LH-VD-8-6 A4 Labels - 105x74,3mm
LO-0008-F ES-0008-F, EW-0008-F, LH-0008-F, LW-0008-F ,LH-VD-8-7 A4 Labels - 88,9x63,5mm
LO-0008-G ES-0008-G, EW-0008-G, LH-0008-G, LW-0008-G ,LH-VD-8-8 A4 Labels - 90x63mm
LO-0008-H ES-0008-H, EW-0008-H, LH-0008-H, LW-0008-H ,LH-VD-8-9 A4 Labels - 105x70mm
LO-0008-K ES-0008-K, EW-0008-K, LH-0008-K, LW-0008-K ,LH-VD-8-12 A4 Labels - 48x138mm
LO-0008-M ES-0008-M, EW-0008-M, LH-0008-M, LW-0008-M ,LH-VD-8-14 A4 Labels - 96x63,5mm
LO-0008-N ES-0008-N, EW-0008-N, LH-0008-N, LW-0008-N ,LH-VD-8-15 A4 Labels - 40x125mm
LO-0008-P ES-0008-P, EW-0008-P, LH-0008-P, LW-0008-P ,LH-VD-8-16 A4 Labels - 90x60mm
EW8-10 A4 Labels - 105 x 70mm
EW8-20 A4 Labels - 105 x 74mm
EW8-30 A4 Labels - 97 x 67.7mm
EW8-40 A4 Labels - 99.1 x 67.7mm
LO-0009 ES-0009, EW-0009, LH-0009, LW-0009 ,LH-VD-8-10 ,LH-VD-9-1 A4 Labels - 64x90mm
LO-0009-D ES-0009-D, EW-0009-D, LH-0009-D, LW-0009-D ,LH-VD-9-5 A4 Labels - 133x29,6mm
LO-0010 ES-0010, EW-0010, LH-0010, LW-0010 ,LH-VD-10-1 A4 Labels - 99,1x57mm
LO-0010-A ES-0010-A, EW-0010-A, LH-0010-A, LW-0010-A ,LH-VD-10-2 A4 Labels - 39x138mm
LO-0010-D ES-0010-D, EW-0010-D, LH-0010-D, LW-0010-D ,LH-VD-10-5 A4 Labels - 70x52mm
LO-0010-E ES-0010-E, EW-0010-E, LH-0010-E, LW-0010-E ,LH-VD-10-6 A4 Labels - 96x50,8mm
EW10-10 A4 Labels - 105 x 57mm
LO-0011 ES-0011, EW-0011, LH-0011, LW-0011 ,LH-VD-11-1 A4 Labels - 199,5x25mm
LO-0012 ES-0012, EW-0012, LH-0012, LW-0012 ,LH-VD-12-1 A4 Labels - 63,5x72mm
LO-0012-A ES-0012-A, EW-0012-A, LH-0012-A, LW-0012-A ,LH-VD-12-2 A4 Labels - 160x21mm
LO-0012-B ES-0012-B, EW-0012-B, LH-0012-B, LW-0012-B ,LH-VD-12-3 rund A4 Labels - 63,5 Ømm
LO-0012-C ES-0012-C, EW-0012-C, LH-0012-C, LW-0012-C ,LH-VD-12-4 A4 Labels - 30x138mm
LO-0012-D ES-0012-D, EW-0012-D, LH-0012-D, LW-0012-D ,LH-VD-12-5 A4 Labels - 76,2x46,4mm
LO-0012-E ES-0012-E, EW-0012-E, LH-0012-E, LW-0012-E ,LH-VD-12-6 A4 Labels - 89x42mm
LO-0012-F ES-0012-F, EW-0012-F, LH-0012-F, LW-0012-F ,LH-VD-12-7 rund A4 Labels - 66 Ømm
LO-0012-G ES-0012-G, EW-0012-G, LH-0012-G, LW-0012-G ,LH-VD-12-8 A4 Labels - 99,1x48mm
LO-0012-H ES-0012-H, EW-0012-H, LH-0012-H, LW-0012-H ,LH-VD-12-9 A4 Labels - 70x74,3mm
LO-0012-I ES-0012-I, EW-0012-I, LH-0012-I, LW-0012-I ,LH-VD-12-10 A4 Labels - 70x70mm
LO-0012-L ES-0012-L, EW-0012-L, LH-0012-L, LW-0012-L ,LH-VD-12-11 A4 Labels - 60 Ømm
EW12-10 A4 Labels - 105 x 48mm
EW12-20 A4 Labels - 97 x 42.3mm
EW12-30 A4 Labels - 70 x 67.7mm
LO-0013 ES-0013, EW-0013, LH-0013, LW-0013 ,LH-VD-13-1 A4 Labels - 199,5x20mm
LO-0014 ES-0014, EW-0014, LH-0014, LW-0014 ,LH-VD-14-1 A4 Labels - 99,1x38,1mm
LO-0014-D ES-0014-D, EW-0014-D, LH-0014-D, LW-0014-D ,LH-VD-14-5 A4 Labels - 75x36mm
EW14-10 A4 Labels - 105 x 41mm
EW14-20 A4 Labels - 105 x 42.4mm
EW14-30 A4 Labels - 99.1 x 38.1mm
EW14-40 A4 Labels - 95 x 40mm
EW14-50 A4 Labels - 105 x 39mm
LO-0015 ES-0015, EW-0015, LH-0015, LW-0015 ,LH-VD-15-1 A4 Labels - 63,5x54mm
LO-0015-A ES-0015-A, EW-0015-A, LH-0015-A, LW-0015-A ,LH-VD-15-2 A4 Labels - 70x50,8mm
LO-0015-D ES-0015-D, EW-0015-D, LH-0015-D, LW-0015-D ,LH-VD-15-5 A4 Labels - 59x51mm
LO-0015-E ES-0015-E, EW-0015-E, LH-0015-E, LW-0015-E ,LH-VD-15-6 rund A4 Labels - 50 Ømm
LO-0015-F ES-0015-F, EW-0015-F, LH-0015-F, LW-0015-F ,LH-VD-15-7 A4 Labels - 40x90mm
EW15-10 A4 Labels - 70 x 50.8mm
LO-0016 ES-0016, EW-0016, LH-0016, LW-0016 ,LH-VD-16-1 A4 Labels - 99,1x34mm
LO-0016-A ES-0016-A, EW-0016-A, LH-0016-A, LW-0016-A A4 Labels - 199,1x17mm
LO-0016-A ES-0016-A, EW-0016-A, LH-0016-A, LW-0016-A ,LH-VD-16-2 A4 Labels - 199,5x17mm
LO-0016-C ES-0016-C, EW-0016-C, LH-0016-C, LW-0016-C ,LH-VD-16-4 A4 Labels - 105x37,12mm
LO-0016-C ES-0016-C, EW-0016-C, LH-0016-C, LW-0016-C A4 Labels - 105,5x37,12mm
LO-0016-D ES-0016-D, EW-0016-D, LH-0016-D, LW-0016-D ,LH-VD-16-5 A4 Labels - 145x17mm
LO-0016-E ES-0016-E, EW-0016-E, LH-0016-E, LW-0016-E ,LH-VD-16-6 A4 Labels - 105x35mm
EW16-10 A4 Labels - 105 x 37mm
EW16-20 A4 Labels - 105 x 35mm
EW16-30 A4 Labels - 99.1 x 33.9mm
LO-0018 ES-0018, EW-0018, LH-0018, LW-0018 ,LH-VD-18-1 A4 Labels - 63,5x46,6mm
LO-0018-A ES-0018-A, EW-0018-A, LH-0018-A, LW-0018-A ,LH-VD-18-2 A4 Labels - 210x15mm
LO-0018-D ES-0018-D, EW-0018-D, LH-0018-D, LW-0018-D ,LH-VD-18-5 A4 Labels - 100x30mm
LO-0018-E ES-0018-E, EW-0018-E, LH-0018-E, LW-0018-E ,LH-VD-18-6 A4 Labels - 67x47mm
LO-0018-F ES-0018-F, EW-0018-F, LH-0018-F, LW-0018-F ,LH-VD-18-7 A4 Labels - 58x48mm
LO-0018-G ES-0018-G, EW-0018-G, LH-0018-G, LW-0018-G ,LH-VD-18-8 A4 Labels - 80x30mm
EW18-10 A4 Labels - 63.5 x 46.6mm
LO-0019 ES-0019, EW-0019, LH-0019, LW-0019 ,LH-VD-19-1 A4 Labels - 199,5x15mm
LO-0020 ES-0020, EW-0020, LH-0020, LW-0020 ,LH-VD-20-1 A4 Labels - 50,8x48,6mm
LO-0020-A ES-0020-A, EW-0020-A, LH-0020-A, LW-0020-A ,LH-VD-20-2 A4 Labels - 48,5x50,8mm
LO-0020-B ES-0020-B, EW-0020-B, LH-0020-B, LW-0020-B ,LH-VD-20-3 A4 Labels - 50x55mm
LO-0021 ES-0021, EW-0021, LH-0021, LW-0021 ,LH-VD-21-1 A4 Labels - 63,5x33,8mm
LO-0021-D ES-0021-D, EW-0021-D, LH-0021-D, LW-0021-D ,LH-VD-21-5 A4 Labels - 70x42,3mm
LO-0021-E ES-0021-E, EW-0021-E, LH-0021-E, LW-0021-E ,LH-VD-21-6 A4 Labels - 63,5x38mm
EW21-10 A4 Labels - 70 x 41mm
EW21-20 A4 Labels - 70 x 42.4mm
EW21-30 A4 Labels - 63 x 39.5mm
EW21-40 A4 Labels - 63 x 38.1mm
LO-0024 ES-0024, EW-0024, LH-0024, LW-0024 ,LH-VD-24-1 A4 Labels - 64x33,8mm
LO-0024-A ES-0024-A, EW-0024-A, LH-0024-A, LW-0024-A ,LH-VD-24-2 A4 Labels - 63x33mm
LO-0024-B ES-0024-B, EW-0024-B, LH-0024-B, LW-0024-B ,LH-VD-24-3 rund ,LH-VD-24-9 rund DVD A4 Labels - 40 Ømm
LO-0024-C ES-0024-C, EW-0024-C, LH-0024-C, LW-0024-C ,LH-VD-24-4 A4 Labels - 70x37,12mm
LO-0024-D ES-0024-D, EW-0024-D, LH-0024-D, LW-0024-D ,LH-VD-24-5 A4 Labels - 72x21,15mm
LO-0024-E ES-0024-E, EW-0024-E, LH-0024-E, LW-0024-E ,LH-VD-24-6 A4 Labels - 134x11mm
LO-0024-F ES-0024-F, EW-0024-F, LH-0024-F, LW-0024-F ,LH-VD-24-7 A4 Labels - 58x35mm
LO-0024-G ES-0024-G, EW-0024-G, LH-0024-G, LW-0024-G ,LH-VD-24-8 A4 Labels - 70x36mm
LO-0024-H ES-0024-H, EW-0024-H, LH-0024-H, LW-0024-H ,LH-VD-24-3 rund ,LH-VD-24-9 rund DVD A4 Labels - 40 Ømm
LO-0024-N ES-0024-N, EW-0024-N, LH-0024-N, LW-0024-N ,LH-VD-24-10 A4 Labels - 40x40mm
LO-0025-D ES-0025-D, EW-0025-D, LH-0025-D, LW-0025-D A4 Labels - 175x10mm
EW24-10 A4 Labels - 64.3 x 33.8mm
EW24-20 A4 Labels - 66 x 33.9mm
EW24-30 A4 Labels - 70 x 35mm
EW24-40 A4 Labels - 70 x 36mm
EW24-50 A4 Labels - 70 x 37mm
EW24-60 ,LH-VD-24-3 rund ,LH-VD-24-9 rund DVD A4 Labels - 40 Ømm
LO-0027 ES-0027, EW-0027, LH-0027, LW-0027 ,LH-VD-27-1 A4 Labels - 63,5x32mm
LO-0027-D ES-0027-D, EW-0027-D, LH-0027-D, LW-0027-D ,LH-VD-27-5 A4 Labels - 70x30mm
EW27-10 A4 Labels - 70 x 32mm
LO-0028 ES-0028, EW-0028, LH-0028, LW-0028 ,LH-VD-28-1 A4 Labels - 25,4x70mm
LO-0028-D ES-0028-D, EW-0028-D, LH-0028-D, LW-0028-D ,LH-VD-28-5 A4 Labels - 45x40mm
LO-0028-E ES-0028-E, EW-0028-E, LH-0028-E, LW-0028-E ,LH-VD-28-6 A4 Labels - 78x20mm
LO-0028-F ES-0028-F, EW-0028-F, LH-0028-F, LW-0028-F ,LH-VD-28-7 A4 Labels - 147x10mm
LO-0030 ES-0030, EW-0030, LH-0030, LW-0030 ,LH-VD-30-1 A4 Labels - 64x26,7mm
LO-0030-A ES-0030-A, EW-0030-A, LH-0030-A, LW-0030-A ,LH-VD-30-2 A4 Labels - 49x26mm
LO-0030-C ES-0030-C, EW-0030-C, LH-0030-C, LW-0030-C ,LH-VD-30-4 A4 Labels - 70x29,7mm
EW30-10 ,LH-VD-30-4 A4 Labels - 70x29,7mm
LO-0032 ES-0032, EW-0032, LH-0032, LW-0032 ,LH-VD-32-1 A4 Labels - 48x35mm
LO-0033 ES-0033, EW-0033, LH-0033, LW-0033 ,LH-VD-33-1 A4 Labels - 70x25,4mm
EW33-10 ,LH-VD-33-1 A4 Labels - 70x25,4mm
LO-0035 ES-0035, EW-0035, LH-0035, LW-0035 ,LH-VD-35-1 A4 Labels - 42x40mm
LO-0036 ES-0036, EW-0036, LH-0036, LW-0036 ,LH-VD-36-1 A4 Labels - 31x45mm
LO-0036-D ES-0036-D, EW-0036-D, LH-0036-D, LW-0036-D ,LH-VD-36-5 A4 Labels - 30x40mm
LO-0036-E ES-0036-E, EW-0036-E, LH-0036-E, LW-0036-E ,LH-VD-36-6 A4 Labels - 100x15,5mm
LO-0039 ES-0039, EW-0039, LH-0039, LW-0039 ,LH-VD-39-1 A4 Labels - 70x22mm
LO-0040 ES-0040, EW-0040, LH-0040, LW-0040 ,LH-VD-40-1 A4 Labels - 46,5x25,4mm
LO-0040-A ES-0040-A, EW-0040-A, LH-0040-A, LW-0040-A ,LH-VD-40-2 rund DVD A4 Labels - 32 Ømm
LO-0040-B ES-0040-B, EW-0040-B, LH-0040-B, LW-0040-B ,LH-VD-40-3 A4 Labels - 48,5x25,4mm
LO-0040-C ES-0040-C, EW-0040-C, LH-0040-C, LW-0040-C ,LH-VD-40-4 A4 Labels - 52,5x29,7mm
LO-0040-D ES-0040-D, EW-0040-D, LH-0040-D, LW-0040-D ,LH-VD-40-5 A4 Labels - 40x34mm
LO-0040-E ES-0040-E, EW-0040-E, LH-0040-E, LW-0040-E ,LH-VD-40-6 rund ,LH-VD-100-5 A4 Labels - 30 Ømm
EW40-10 A4 Labels - 48.5 x 25.4mm
EW40-20 A4 Labels - 52.5 x 29.7mm
LO-0042 ES-0042, EW-0042, LH-0042, LW-0042 ,LH-VD-42-1 A4 Labels - 70x20mm
LO-0044 ES-0044, EW-0044, LH-0044, LW-0044 ,LH-VD-44-1 A4 Labels - 48,8x25mm
LO-0044-A ES-0044-A, EW-0044-A, LH-0044-A, LW-0044-A ,LH-VD-44-2 A4 Labels - 75x12,7mm
EW51-10 A4 Labels - 70 x 16.9mm
LO-0055 ES-0055, EW-0055, LH-0055, LW-0055 ,LH-VD-55-1 A4 Labels - 38x23mm
LO-0056 ES-0056, EW-0056, LH-0056, LW-0056 ,LH-VD-55-1 A4 Labels - 48,5x18mm
LO-0056-C ES-0056-C, EW-0056-C, LH-0056-C, LW-0056-C ,LH-VD-56-4 A4 Labels - 27x35mm
LO-0056-D ES-0056-D, EW-0056-D, LH-0056-D, LW-0056-D ,LH-VD-56-5 A4 Labels - 50x20mm
LO-0056-E ES-0056-E, EW-0056-E, LH-0056-E, LW-0056-E ,LH-VD-56-6 A4 Labels - 100x10mm
LO-0056-F ES-0056-F, EW-0056-F, LH-0056-F, LW-0056-F ,LH-VD-56-7 A4 Labels - 45x20mm
EW56-10 A4 Labels - 52.5 x 21.2mm
LO-0060 ES-0060, EW-0060, LH-0060, LW-0060 ,LH-VD-60-1 A4 Labels - 35x29,7mm
EW64-10 A4 Labels - 48.5 x 16.9mm
LO-0065 ES-0065, EW-0065, LH-0065, LW-0065 ,LH-VD-65-1 A4 Labels - 38,1x21,2mm
LO-0065-A ES-0065-A, EW-0065-A, LH-0065-A, LW-0065-A ,LH-VD-65-2 oval A4 Labels - 35x17mm
EW65-10 A4 Labels - 38.1 x 21.2mm
LO-0070-A ES-0070-A, EW-0070-A, LH-0070-A, LW-0070-A ,LH-VD-70-2 A4 Labels - 24 Ømm
EW70-10 ,LH-VD-70-2 A4 Labels - 24 Ømm
LO-0072 ES-0072, EW-0072, LH-0072, LW-0072 ,LH-VD-72-1 A4 Labels - 65x12mm
LO-0072-B ES-0072-B, EW-0072-B, LH-0072-B, LW-0072-B A4 Labels - 52,5x14mm
LO-0080 ES-0080, EW-0080, LH-0080, LW-0080 ,LH-VD-72-3 A4 Labels - 52x14mm
LO-0080-A ES-0080-A, EW-0080-A, LH-0080-A, LW-0080-A A4 Labels - 50x14 + 30x14mm
LO-0084-D ES-0084-D, EW-0084-D, LH-0084-D, LW-0084-D ,LH-VD-84-5 A4 Labels - 46x11,1mm
LO-0084-E ES-0084-E, EW-0084-E, LH-0084-E, LW-0084-E ,LH-VD-84-6 A4 Labels - 28x23mm
LO-0088-A ES-0088-A, EW-0088-A, LH-0088-A, LW-0088-A ,LH-VD-88-2 rund A4 Labels - 20 Ømm
LO-0099 ES-0099, EW-0099, LH-0099, LW-0099 ,LH-VD-99-1 A4 Labels - 19x26mm
LO-0100-B ES-0100-B, EW-0100-B, LH-0100-B, LW-0100-B ,LH-VD-99-1 A4 Labels - 19x26mm
LO-0100-D ES-0100-D, EW-0100-D, LH-0100-D, LW-0100-D A4 Labels - 31x10mm
LO-0114 ES-0114, EW-0114, LH-0114, LW-0114 A4 Labels - 10x40mm
LO-0136 ES-0136, EW-0136, LH-0136, LW-0136 ,LH-VD-140-1 A4 Labels - 42x8mm
LO-0138 ES-0138, EW-0138, LH-0138, LW-0138 ,LH-VD-138-1 A4 Labels - 30x12mm
LO-0140 ES-0140, EW-0140, LH-0140, LW-0140 ,LH-VD-140-1 A4 Labels - 42x8mm
LO-0145 ES-0145, EW-0145, LH-0145, LW-0145 ,LH-VD-145-1 A4 Labels - 35x10mm
LO-0145-A ES-0145-A, EW-0145-A, LH-0145-A, LW-0145-A ,LH-VD-145-2 A4 Labels - 40x10mm
LO-0150 ES-0150, EW-0150, LH-0150, LW-0150 ,LH-VD-150-2 rund A4 Labels - 15 Ømm
LO-0176 ES-0176, EW-0176, LH-0176, LW-0176 ,LH-VD-176-1 A4 Labels - 18x18mm
LO-0196 ES-0196, EW-0196, LH-0196, LW-0196 ,LH-VD-232-1 A4 Labels - 25,4x10mm
LO-0232 ES-0232, EW-0232, LH-0232, LW-0232 ,LH-VD-232-1 A4 Labels - 25,4x10mm
LO-0247 ES-0247, EW-0247, LH-0247, LW-0247 ,LH-VD-247-1 rund A4 Labels - 10 Ømm
LO-0280 ES-0280, EW-0280, LH-0280, LW-0280 ,LH-VD-280-1 A4 Labels - 20x10mm
LO-0408 ES-0408, EW-0408, LH-0408, LW-0408 ,LH-VD-368-1 A4 Labels - 12x12mm
LO-0420 ES-0420, EW-0420, LH-0420, LW-0420 ,LH-VD-420-1 A4 Labels - 16x8mm
LO-19210 ES-19210, EW-19210, LH-19210, LW-19210 ,LO-SLAS-19210-0 ,LO-SAL-19210-0 A4 Labels - 19x210mm
LO-25210a ES-25210a, EW-25210a, LH-25210a, LW-25210a ,LO-SLAS-25210a-0 ,LO-SAL-25210a-0 A4 Labels - 25x210mm
LO-SLAS-48297,LO-SAL-48297 A4 Labels - 48x297mm
LO-SLAS-48297A,LO-SAL-48297A A4 Labels - 48x297mm

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