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Gardening Labels
Loop labels, Plant tags und adhesive labels specifically for Gardening.

Labels Loops
Labels Loops

Thermal transfer lanyard labels 1.7 x 20cm, 1.7x20cm, 2.5x20cm and 2.5x25cm with or without demolition Made of PE plastic on roll. In different basic colours for printing with thermal transfer printers. Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use.


Printed labels loop
Printed labels loop

Thermal transfer lanyard labels 1.7 x 20cm, 1.7x20cm, 2.5x20cm and 2.5x25cm with or without demolition Made of PE plastic on roll. In different basic colours and will be printed with a thermal transfer printers Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use.


Plug labels
Plug labels

Thermotransfer stick-in labels 1.7 x 11.5cm, 2.5x12cm, 2.5x15cm and 3.8x12cm. Made of PE-plastic on roll. In different basic colours for printing with thermal transfer printers. Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use.


Laser slot labels
Laser slot labels

Laser labels for your laser printer! Here you will find loop and label labels that you can print yourself, both images and photos with laser print. Weather resistant especially for outdoor use.


Laser slot labels printed
Laser slot labels printed

Laser slot labels for laser printer! Here you will find slot and shield labels printed according to your wishes, both images and photos with laser print. Weather resistant, especially for outdoor use.


Tyvek loop labels
Tyvek loop labels

Tyvek loop labels 13 x 220mm, 17x220mm, 19x220mm and 25x220mm from Tyvek in the fold position (Liperello). In different basic colours for printing with a matrix printers. Weatherproof especially for outdoor use.


Shield labels
Shield labels

Shield labels 5,7x10 cm as PE Plastic shield labels on roll. In different basic colours for printing with thermal transfer printers. Weatherproof especially for outdoor use.


Custom labels
Custom labels

We produce according to your specifications


Printing service
Printing service

We print according to your specifications


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Test sticker
The test badge (also assessment badge) is indispensable in the quality control of important everyday helpers and lifesavers such as elevators, electrical appliances, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, plant protection equipment and ladders. At first glance, it provides information about the regularity and closeness of the monitoring of a piece of equipment and also indicates the time of the next necessary check. It thus represents a security guarantee for the user and prevents the emergence of risks due to carelessness in the maintenance of the device.

LabelHeaven offers you what is probably the largest selection of inspection stickers in Germany, in accordance with regulations, standards and the law. Self-adhesive on paper or PE plastic, variable in quantity, with a durability of up to 7 years and our usual brilliant color quality, as well as the quality guarantee. Our badges offer you the highest material quality at the lowest price!

The Association of German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) was formed in 2007 from the merger of the Main Association of Commercial Employers' Liability Insurance Associations (HVBG) and the Federal Association of Accident Insurance Funds (BUK). For example, the designation and number system for inspection stickers overlapped, which have been published together in a uniform set of rules since May 2014. The merger only changes the designations of the regulations and information, but not the content, so that the tests remain the same and the former test stickers still correspond to the current standards. However, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it makes sense to replace your outdated inspection stickers with stickers with the new, corresponding titles.

Our annual or multi-year test stickers, electrical test stickers, basic stickers, cable test stickers and much more can be used on products that have been tested according to DGUV UVV, ASR, TRBS or BetrSichV, VDE or MPG or that should comply with ÖNORM. They can also be used in the field of vehicle inspection and testing in accordance with §29 StVZO.
Design your own test sticker, for example with your company logo and your telephone number.

DGUV- German Statutory Accident Insurance e.V.
UVV accident prevention regulations
ASR- Technical Rules for Workplaces
TRBS- Technical Rules for Operational Safety
BetrSichV- Operational Safety Ordinance
VDE Association of German Electrical Engineers
MPG Medical Devices Act
Road Traffic Licensing Regulations
ÖNORM- Austrian Standards Institute (National Austrian Norm)

The ideal prerequisite is a smooth, dust- and oil-free surface, but it is also possible to attach the stickers to difficult surfaces such as carpets, uneven metal housings, greasy and rough surfaces and dusty tool boxes. The adhesive develops its greatest adhesion between 12 °C and 15 °C, but the test seal defies
temperature fluctuations from -40 °C to +80 °C and can be used at a depth of 500 m. The label should not be affixed at temperatures below 0 °C, as the adhesion is impaired by the thawing of condensation water after heating. The test seal withstands weather conditions such as heavy rain, sun, dirt and dust without any problems, it is waterproof and UV-resistant, transfer-proof, resistant to many chemicals, scratch- and smudge-proof, permanently adhesive, for smooth, structured and curved surfaces, temperature-resistant, Resistant to solvents and cleaning agents, forgery-proof, suitable for extremely high mechanical loads and secure against being pulled off.

Thanks to the gentle and odorless adhesive, the labels can be used indoors and outdoors without health concerns. Soft wooden surfaces and children's rooms are just as suitable as storage rooms.
Available from:
Document slide
PE plastic
PVC/ Vinyl
cotton fabric
Transfer film
3D effect
coated or uncoated
glossy or semi-gloss
permanent or extremely permanent
with the special features:
Oil resistant
UV resistant
weatherproof vinyl
peel-off foil
water/ dirt repellent
can be written on later
transfer safe
By using, for example, self-destructing PE film, a sticker is created that is destroyed and unusable when you try to remove it.

Bisphenol-free, IMDS data available, RoHS 2015/863, REACH, toy standard EN 71-3, free from nanoparticles, PAH free, PWIS free

Areas of application are quality assurance, cars, fire extinguishers, cables, heaters, heating boxes, first aid boxes, food, waste disposal systems, hospitals and laboratories, ladders and steps, printers, lamps, X-ray machines, defibrillators, medical technology, offices and administration, as well as building services and sanitary facilities , industry, craft and maintenance routine.

Every company is obliged to have its premises, including all electrical systems, checked by an appropriate specialist to ensure that they are in proper condition.
For example, the annual inspection sticker with the year and the color that changes every year is there to give the viewer the information they need at first glance (in the case of equipment, this information is required for an annual inspection).
The VDE test sticker would be ideal for all electrotechnical systems that have to be tested again immediately after installation, after every further change and finally every two years. Here, for example, the VDE standard 0105-100 takes into account all current nationally different safety regulations. The VDE test stickers are also available with the year and an annually changing color.
The UVV test sticker identifies all electrical systems, machines and tools that have been tested in accordance with the accident prevention regulations for health protection at the workplace. Correctly tested - properly documented: Our DGUV test stickers support you in two versions: waterproof from robust document foil or peel-off-proof to prevent manipulation.

All quality inspections in Germany have a common goal: they are intended to ensure the working, health and safety conditions of the employees and safety at the workplace. The DGUV regulations have the character of a law within the meaning of SGB VII, i.e. they are legally binding.

The test sticker is also called test label, test sticker, test control sticker, round calendar sticker, fire extinguisher sticker, test badge, assessment sticker, test button, test sticker, TÜV sticker, TÜV sticker, sticker, adhesive label, adhesive sticker, test sticker, guarantee sticker, fire extinguisher sticker, electrical appliance sticker, heating sticker, multi-year test sticker , test interval reminder, tester reminder, test sticker, number sticker, month label, tested sticker, test seal or electrical check test sticker.

For everyone who would like something out of the ordinary: It is possible for you to get our inspection stickers with a diameter of up to 1.5 m, if you don't like the usual round design: We will turn your inspection sticker into an inspection sticker corner! (square hold). Did not find what you were looking for? Thanks to our many years of experience and the versatility of our printing art, we are able to fulfill your most unusual wishes. Please contact us by phone for professional advice!
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