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Thermal transfer stick-in labels 2,5 x 15cm PE Plastic Roll.
Thermal transfer stick-in labels 2,5 x 15cm PE Plastic Roll.

Thermotransfer stick-in labels 2,5 x 15cm PE Plastic, on Roll. In different basic colours for printing with thermal transfer printers. Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use. We produce all shapes, sizes and colours according to your specifications. Please ask us.

Technical Specifications:-
Material: PE Plastic (Polyethylen)
Size: 2,5 x 15cm
Colour: white
Roll outside diameter: 18 - 21 cm
Material thickness / strength: 0,35mm/350 Micron
Roll-core: 4cm,on request 7cm
Packing Unit:   2000 Labels on a roll
Processing: Can be printed with thermal transfer printers, written on with pen, marker pen, etc.
Price:   All prices incl. VAT.
SKU ES-TTST-25150-0-2000
Our price: £48.99  incl. VAT excl.
Packing Unit
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