Collection: Electrical appliances - License plate "GS EAC CE" combined

Electrical appliances - License plate  "GS EAC CE" combined

WEEE refers to waste electrical and electronic equipment, which is mainly intended for the safety of the environment.WEEE is used to indicate that this particular product should not be thrown away as waste like other products.Instead of not following the regular process , it must be collected separately for the recycling process recovery process for electrical and electronic equipment. Electrical equipment marked "GS safety tested" indicates that the product has been tested to meet safety standards. CE stickers are used in medical devices, gaseous devices, kettles, freezers, refrigerators, machinery, pressure vessels, toy safety, radio equipment, system protection, measuring equipment, etc. which ensure the safety of the product. Customization is possible according to your desired text. All types of WEEE, GS, CE and EAC stickers are available in high quality.