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100 DIN A4 sheets 48.5x25.4mm 70g ES0040B-70-0

100 DIN A4 sheets 48.5x25.4mm 70g ES0040B-70-0

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Label size WxH: 48.5x25.4mm white universal labels, 70g/sqm

white labels (very white)

high quality paper

cut-punched, therefore easy to remove    

A product from LabelHeaven Ltd. 

Suitable for inkjet printers/inkjet printers, b/w copiers, color copiers, b/w laser printers and color laser printers, multifunctional devices

These labels can also be written on with a standard pencil, colored pencil, felt-tip pen, fineliner, fountain pen, ballpoint pen, highlighter, etc. 

permanently adhesive 

first-class adhesion (strongly adhesive)

70g/sqm (extra thick)

very inexpensive

The labels do not come off in the printer because the adhesive strength between the label and the backing paper is precisely coordinated  

100% new and 100% repackaged.

high quality optics

resealable packaging, 100 sheets each

Trouble-free processing thanks to optimal flatness and the use of high-quality adhesives.

Precisely cut edge all around to protect your printer/copier

Proof of quality: All products are constantly checked by us.

Perfect for all black/white and color laser printers, inkjet printers, black/white and color copiers and multifunctional devices. We supply high-quality special paper for perfect processing and best printing results.

Label templates are already available in many common software programs. We can also send you the templates by email if required.

LabelHeaven is a registered trademark of LabelHeaven Ltd.

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