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Fragile - Fragile sticker "Fragile " LH-FRAGILE-H-10400-88-0

Fragile - Fragile sticker "Fragile " LH-FRAGILE-H-10400-88-0

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Fragile - Fragile sticker " Fragile "

Fragile stickers are used in packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation. Fragile stickers prevent rough handling and indicate that the package must be handled with care when unpacking and also reduces the chance of damage to the product.
Material: PVC plastic, self-adhesive
Suitable for temperatures from -40°C to +80°C
Suitable for outdoor use. Resistant to outdoor use.
This always means the width of the sticker.
The stickers are particularly well protected by laminating.
We can produce any desired format. Please ask.
All kinds of fragile stickers available with high quality standards at an affordable price.

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