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Mandatory stickers "Use handrail" made of PVC plastic, LH-SIM032

Mandatory stickers "Use handrail" made of PVC plastic, LH-SIM032

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Mandatory signs are circular in shape which provide instructions what to do and what not to do.
Colour: white, blue
2 -60 cm, self-adhesive
Size: 2cm 3cm 5cm 10cm 20cm 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm
Material: PVC plastic, self-adhesive
Suitable for temperatures from -40°C to +80°C
Suitable for outdoor use. 
Mandatory signs provide instructions to everyone who enters your location and must stay safe and it is important to follow the safety signs.
Mandatory stickers are used in workplaces, public access with the regulations of health and safety measures.
Safety symbols indicate that measures are being taken to stay safe and include safety instructions and guidelines in various situations.
They are used to minimize personal injury and property damage and increase safety. All kinds of mandatory signs are available in different sizes at an affordable price with high quality standards.

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